Lewie on the cover of the Fluke Magazine

Lewie on the Cover of the Fluke Magazine Issue #1

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The Passive Hang
Episode #52: Lewie West - Full Body Acrobat

The man, the myth, the legend - Lewie West! (@lewie.west) on the Passive Hang. Lewie is a generalist acrobat who has been performing around the world for the past 12 years, now settled in Tasmania, Australia.

We learn his approach to acrobatic movement - creating options, utilising the whole body (not just feet and hands!), floor surfaces, falling, mental preparation, creative inspiration and sequencing, skill acquisition.

Yep, it's a great conversation.

Lewie is now stepping into a new phase in his life - becoming a father, and teaching. Very excited to see this develop. Thanks Lewie for sharing your insights and time.

Check out his work @lewie.west or YouTube.

The Artist Athlete
Episode 61: How to Create Movement that People Want to Watch with Lewie West

Lewie West is a self described "generalist specialist" who uses breakdancing, traditional gymnastics, and circus arts to find a new way to approach moving.

Wellround Athlete
Move Smart Podcast 013 - Lewie West

"Never waste an injury."

Sadly, the link to the website above is down. But here we have a backup of the podcast from Justin Goodhart with Lewie, talking on all kinds of stuff: How he came to circus, juggling, floor acrobatics, improvisation, sequencing, inspiration, vertical vs. horizontal skill development, circus culture in general, injuries and more.

tadaa Magazin
01 Quarantäne (2020)

Artists in Quarantine.
with Lewie West (Gravity and Other Myths), Anke Politz (Chamäleon Theater Berlin), Gian Luca, Liza van Brakel, Julian Blum, Mesi Lounela and many more.

Canberra Times
Circus performer hangs on for triumph

Canberra born-and-raised circus performer Lewie West (patriotically, his mother Sally West gave birth to him at home in Canberra on Australia Day 1988 - our bicentenary) has just won a gold medal at a famous tournament in Paris.

Carnival Cinema
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