Out of Chaos... Apr 23, 2019

Improv solo during Out of Chaos show development.

Music by Ekrem Phoenix - The sound Element
Filmed by Mik Lavage.
Artistic prodding by Darcy Grant.

Back in the Lab Again... Sep 6, 2017

Making something outta dirt.

On tour with the show Backbone by Gravity and Other Myths.

Free Range Acrobat Oct 19, 2016

This video fills the gap between leaving Circa and starting with Gravity and Other Myths (with a few old Circa bits thrown in).

I had 6 months of no circus due to injury and then slowly built it back up for another 6 months, some of which is recorded here. I was lucky enough to attend the Ido Portal movement camp and met a bunch of great people there and elsewhere. So thanks to all the people who've taught me, learned with me and jammed with me.

Track one: Back With Another One - Acro Jazz Laboratories
Track two: My Favourite Song - Thundamentals

Deep Purple Jan 18, 2016

Music: Mushaboom remix - k-os

Making Tracks 2 Jan 6, 2016

Music: Blood of a Young Wolf - Buck 65

Adelaide 2008 Nov 16, 2015

So many flips.

Music: Roady (The Nextman Walnut Remix) - Fat Freddy's Drop

Loko Adelaide Trip Nov 16, 2015

Track one: As Serious As Your Life - Four Tet
Track two: Metamorphosis - Philip Glass

Lewie West - Cirque De Demain Nov 16, 2015

Music: Guy Skornik, SACEM|ZAB, SACEM - Phone and Games-14494

Mo' Slowtion Nov 16, 2015

Music: Submotion Orchestra - All Yours

From Then 'til Now Nov 16, 2015

Music: "La jeune fille et la mort" - Quatuor Debussy

How What Will Have Been'ed Nov 16, 2015

Track one: Ichigaya - Kronos Quartet
Track two: Grandmother & Kimitake - Kronos Quartet

Skill Reel-ing Mar 4, 2015

Music: The Cell - C2C

Ragamuffin Aug 28, 2014

Song: Is an Elegy - Youngblood Brass Band

Pole-gression Aug 26, 2014

Many thanks to Todd Kilby for the help along the way and also Rudi and Luke. Cheers, dudes.

Song: Inner City Travellin' Man - Amerigo Gazaway

I-Spy Jul 17, 2014

The I Spy Song, A. J. Jenkins
Apollo 3-1-5, Gym Class Heroes

run 3 Mar 26, 2014

Music: Spectral - Tim Hecker

Cirque De Demain Mar 25, 2014

Straps act from the 34th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in 2013.

Gold Medal

Music: Spectral - Tim Hecker

Jump Mar 5, 2014

The Circa ensemble doing their thing.


Song: Funky Notes. Never Knew.

One Day Sep 5, 2013

Training from Monday the 2nd of September.

Track 1: Raise Up (Suburb Child) - True Live
Track 2: Come On! Feel the Illinoise - Sufjan Stevens

What it is Jul 12, 2013

Music: Heard it All - Illy

Demain Man Jan 31, 2013

Pre Cirque de Demain training.

Slow Motion Circus Aug 13, 2012

Filmed on tour through Europe and the USA.

This video was created with the bodies, abilities and kind permission of the Circa ensemble but was produced independently of Circa. Responsibility for the music choice and style is my own.

For more info, check out circa.org.au

Song: "Slow Motion" by Third Eye Blind

Hand-To-Hand Job Mar 3, 2012

Some stuff Me and Darcy have been chipping away at.

Watch me land on my face Dec 15, 2011

You know you want to...

Batteries Not Included Jun 27, 2010

Song: Madcon - Back on the road

Scrapbook Feb 28, 2010

Song one: The Sentinel - Hilltop Hoods
Song two: Crabbuckit - K-OS

Floor gasm Nov 25, 2009

Song: "Beggin" - Madcon

Floor-play Oct 31, 2009

Song: Eye of the Storm - Bliss 'n' Eso

Mucking Around 3 HQ Jul 28, 2009

Song: Let Go - Frou Frou (Imogen Heap

Mucking Around 2 Jun 28, 2009

Song: Good Morning Australia - Bliss 'n' Eso

Mucking Around Jun 20, 2009

Song: The Wrong One - Urthboy

Showcase '08 Jan 19, 2009

Song: The Final Countdown - Europe

Tumble and Tramp Jan 19, 2009

Song: Unpredictable - The Herd

Straps Jan 19, 2009

Song: Who's To Blame - Chali 2Na

Juggling Jan 19, 2009

Song: The Last Bushman - Pegz

Handbalancing Jan 19, 2009

Song: Mandarines - Butterfingers

Acro Jan 19, 2009

Song: Soldier On - Bliss 'n' Eso